EA Artificial Evolution 2017

Social Events

To complement the top-quality scientific program of EA2017, we are proud to present an original social program of art and food, hoping to fulfill the high expectations of our delegates traveling to Paris:

  • Wine & Cheese party on October 25th, 2017 at ISC-PIF. Relying on the strong expertise in cheese making of the INRA GMPA research unit, we will have a superb opportunity to taste the most original and delicious traditional French cheese.

  • Cocktail reception and "Vernissage" of the EA2017 side event on Evolutionary Art, on October 26th, 2017 at Galerie Louchard.

Some details about the exhibit in Galerie Louchard

Selected artwork obtained through an evolutionary paradigm (evolution, artificial life, swarm...) will be exposed in Galerie Louchard (Paris, 19th) from October 24th to November 12th. The corresponding papers are published in the newborn journal: Art and Science (ISTE OpenScience).

List of selected artwork:

  • The Horizon project: "Emotion in lines"
    Patricia Hernández Rondán (1), Francisco Fernández de Vega (2), Cayetano Cruz (2), Vicente Albarrán (2), Mario García (3), Lilian Navarro (2), Tania Gallego (4), Itzel Andrea García (5)
    • (1) Department of Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Seville, Spain,
    • (2) University of Extremadura, Spain,
    • (3) Tijuana Institute of Technology, Mexico,
    • (4) Autonomous Community of Extremadura, Spain,
    • (5) CETYS University, Baja California campus, Tijuana, Mexico.
  • Sleep Paintings
    Carlos M. Fernandes, LARSyS: Laboratory for Robotics and Systems in Engineering and Science University of Lisbon, Portugal

  • Emergilience
    Sophie Lavaud, Visual artist and researcher at Institut ACTE (Arts, Créations, Théories et Esthétiques), Université Paris 1/CNRS, Paris, France

  • Art Beings
    Alain Lioret, Arts et Technologies de l’Image, Université Paris 8

  • Fly4Arts: Evolutionary Digital Art with the Fly Algorithm
    Zainab Ali Abbood and Franck P. Vidal, School of Computer Science, Bangor University, UK


The acces to social events is included in the registration fees.